Marisela Hernández

Sacramento Poderosa 2022

“Ask for my papers, I will show you my diploma.” -Undocumented Student Protest

Marisela has committed her life to advocating for higher education opportunities for underrepresented communities. She co-wrote and directed “We are not strangers to this Land: Untold Stories of DREAMERS.” This documentary has been viewed over 80 times in the Sacramento region by various colleges and organizations. She is the co-author of “Danos Un Corazón Fuerte Para Luchar (Give Us A Heart Strong Enough To Struggle):Living Undocumented” in Allender and Mark (eds.) Introduction to Ethnic Studies. Kendall Hunt Publishing Company: 2016. This textbook will be used in Sacramento high schools for all 9th graders.

Marisela Hernandez (her, she, ella) was born in Estado de México. She migrated to the United States when she was twelve years old. Ms. Hernandez is a first-generation Latina who obtained her higher education degree as an undocumented and English as a Second Language student. Marisela proudly acknowledges that due to her family’s sacrifices of leaving their families behind in Mexico, she has been able to accomplish many of her dreams.

Marisela is a Founding Board Member of Alianza, a nonprofit immigrant rights organization committed to providing resources to undocumented students in the Sacramento area. Marisela spent two summers as a National Dream Summer Fellow working for the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation. She is also a member of the 1000 DREAMers, 1000 Leaders national program sponsored by the U.S.-Mexico Foundation.

Currently, Marisela is a Senior Specialist at the Foundation for California Community Colleges. In this role, she works collectively with the California Community Colleges (CCC) Chancellor’s Office as part of theUndocuLiaison Network. The UndocuLiaison Network consists of more than 400 representatives across the 116 California Community Colleges, and includes undocumented student experts throughout California. Collectively, these 400 representatives support colleges in meeting legislative mandates around Undocumented Student Efforts. One example is the authorship of the CCC Undocumented Student Support eHandbook. The USS E-Handbook outlines promising practices across the system in order to provide undocumented students with holistic resources and services. Okay

Marisela is a human rights activist with over ten years of experience. Her work is centered on supporting undocumented students at California Community Colleges. She founded the Sacramento City College Dreamers Program and contributed to the establishment of the Sierra College Undocumented Student Center. Marisela also served as the Co-Chair for the California Undocumented Higher Education Coalition – Campus Resources workgroup. Marisela is one of the leads of the annual Undocumented Student Action Week celebration hosted by the CCC Chancellors office. Marisela has participated in several workgroup such as Undocumented Student Affordability Workgroup lead by the California Student Aid Commission and collaborated with Immigrants Rising in different projects.

Marisela earneda baccalaureate degree from California State University, Chico in Communications Studies with a minor in Business Administration. She is currently enrolled in the California State University, Sacramento, Masters Program in Business Administration for Executives.

Marisela believes in the importance of acknowledging the intersectionality within our undocumented communities. She is an advocate for an immigration reform that includes ALL members of the undocumented communities.

Marisela is passionate and committed to helping create safe, welcoming, and supportive environments for all students while engaging in equitable practices to support underrepresented communities.