Sacramento Poderosas uses murals to give voice and awareness to historically marginalized Chicana/Latina Poderosas, powerful women. Our mission is to use art as activism in the service of building a more knowledgeable and equitable society.  The mural becomes the starting point for larger conversations about the future of our communities and the role of women of color as change makers.

Sacramento Poderosas by Ruby Chacon and Isabel Martinez

As scholars, community activists, artists, and educators we, as project organizers, are dedicated to preserving imperiled Chicanx and Latinx histories and narratives. These painted narratives protect and enrich our democracy while culturally affirming our histories. They will help us understand what it means to be human and as thoughtful residents, how we move to a more humane future.

“Break the mold! Have the biggest vision you can! If you can’t dream it, it cannot occur!”

Judy Baca